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Am a type 2 diabetic, need to lose 14lbs but would like to

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Am a type 2 diabetic, need to lose 14lbs but would like to lose 20lbs, count calories daily, eat healthy but only losing 1lb weekly, i know this good but have considered using capsiplex to help, any recommendations?
Hi. Before I answer your question can I ask what your diet specifically consists of and how many calories you take in daily?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi! Calories equal to 10000 weekly approx, for 2 days i eat 800 cals due to working long days in a and e where meal breaks are few and far between!, so i eat less on theses days, i eat 2 weetabix with hot milk or sw again with hot milk first thing, i have 3 pieces of fruit most days, salad and veg, favorite snack is 20g dried dates with 20g nuts and 20g mixed seeds, ie pumpkin, sesame and flax, drink 2l water most days but more on exercise days which i try for dance class twice week, hate the gym as it bores me, i prefer to dance, do have small amount of chocolate as a treat (usually flake twice week as less than 150 cals and being a female i like chocolate but i can make that 150 cals last an hour!), incl 1pint of skimmed milk in to daily quota, hope this is adequate info, Michelle

Very good as to the diet Michelle. I realize you'd like to speed things up but you are slowly losing the weight in a healthy way and you will reach your goal in time. Now about the capsiplex. Truth be told there are no weight loss supplements on the market that have been properly studied with the gold standard double-blinded radomized placebo controlled method to show whether they really are effective. I'm not against your trying it, but it may not make that much of a difference. One other thing--with most of these supplements if you read the fine print on the label you see the proviso "Effective when combined with proper diet and exercise." That's a hedge--if you don't lose weight, then they can say you didn't have the right diet and exercise program
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you, ***** ***** steady is the right way i know and as am currently doing uni module i am spending a few more hours a week sitting so once module completed and my new post confirmed i will ge able to get an extra dance session in weekly and then who knows may get back to a 2lb a week loss, thanks again i shall keep my hard earned salary!, stick with what i am doing a treat myself to prada instead!! Much better plan i think, thanks, ***** ***** great day, shall now complete rating Michelle

Let me know how it goes Michelle and more power to you