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I am a 46 year old male.About 3 years ago I had a colonoscopy

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I am a 46 year old male.About 3 years ago I had a colonoscopy due to some rectal bleeding and cramps I was experiencing. This just turned out to be due to IBS and some piles. During the colonoscopy the surgeon said he had found a polyp. However, he did not remove it, saying that it was not always certain that polyps turn into cancer later on. I did not think about this until I read recently that polyps found during such an exam should really be removed at the time. Also, my brother, who has just turned 50, recently had a rectal exam (due to bleeding which turned out to be due to piles) and they found a polyp. He is now going to have this removed when he is a colonoscopy next week. My question is, is it a concern that my polyp was left in? Due to have having found one three years ago, should I not have a follow up exam and have any polyp removed? Is there any potential significance of my brother also having a polyp? I am concerned about the polyp being left in no follow up plan. Also as I have IBS and piles, I am concerned that I might in future not pick up on any cancer that might develop, caused by the polyp, thinking the symptoms were just my IBS and the piles, i.e. pain and some bleeding. I would be grateful for advice on best way to proceed with my GP. Many thanks
Hi. Yes, the polyp should have been removed. It most likely was totally benign but still the proper procedure is to remove all polyps seen on colonoscopy. You need another scope now to look at that polyp and to see if any more have formed. There really isn't any significance with your brother also having a polyp.
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