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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Board Certified Physician
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i have a sharp(ish) abdominal pain for the last 4 and bit days.

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i have a sharp(ish) abdominal pain for the last 4 and bit days. I begins in the lower abdominal area moving slowly over a period of a few hours and then up the middle of the right side where it stays for a few hours a couple of inches below and to the right of my navel. It then disappears for up to several hours. At the beginning of this (appr. 5.30pm Friday) I suddenly had Diarrhoea‎ and from then on I have had quite hard constipation and have very little despite using laxatives (both oral and rectal). I have drunk a fair bit of fluid during all this and don't a problem passing urine although I am sometimes a bit sore.
I went to my doctors surgery Mon am but the earliest appt. I could get is next Monday.
I have to say, here, there are times when I feel OK despite being constipated(which I'm not used to).
What is this? Will it just pass through eventually.
Hi. Have you ever had this before? Have you had colonoscopy in the past?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No i have never had any attention to my colon.

I have had these symptoms earlier this year

OK Jeff. First off you need to have a colonoscopy if for no other reason than a cancer screen, considering your age. What you're describing could be irritable bowel syndrome but with the change in bowel habits it warrants the scope. This could also be an infectious enteritis as with E coli or C diff, so I would also get a stool sample for cultures. I don't think this is appendicitis from your description but diverticulitis is also a possibility so I would also get a ct scan of your abdomen. While this doesn't sound like an emergency but at least let your doctor know about what's going on so hopefully he can see you sooner.
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