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The fact that the neutrophils in sep were 1.67 and 1.98 in

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The fact that the neutrophils in sep were 1.67 and 1.98 in October is reassuring. Ie it would get lower and stay there if serious ? I hope I understand this ? Thanks in advance.
Yes, if it were to get significantly low and stay there it would be worrisome.

First, a neutrophil count is only mildly low, according to the normal range of our lab, so is most likely due to the 5% of normal people that are slightly outside the normal range, so a slightly low neutrophil count that persists may also not be an issue.

But even if there is a transient significant low neutrophil count that improves with subsequent lab tests, that is usually not worrisome, as the most common cause of a transiently low neutrophil count is a viral infection.

If there were a significant lowering of the neutrophil count that persists, that would be potentially serious and would warrant further evaluation.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
But the fact that mine has gone up and runs between 1.78 and 2.2 and once 4.0 is not serious. ?
No, this is not serious. All of these values are within the normal range.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Just to finish sir
Feb 3.9 match 1.68 April 2.28 july 2.08 sept 2.00 oct 1.68 nov 1.91 yesterday 1.89
They do look ok don't they thats the neutrophils
Wbc feb 5.9. March 3.3 April 3.9 july 4.1 sept 3.69 oct 3.80 yesterday 3.60
Yes, these are all fine.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I feel fine fit my esr sits at 1 and I heal fast so as you say over time it does look all find they don't drop progressively ?
Il pay for these answers on the form of a bonus if that's ok sir
Lastly my esr was 6.7 when the abc was 5.9 so I'm
Guessing I had an infection at that time ?
Also my liver speciist is over the moon with my liver he says with the gamma gt staying at 12 with the alt at 20 while im drinking 14 units a week tells him this wasn't alchohol related just internal fat niw I'm slim it's resolved do you agree
Correct, if they do not get progressively lower or become significantly low relative to the normal range for neutrophils, it is not an issue.

An ESR of 6.7 is normal. If you had symptoms of a viral infection, then there may have been a virus, but it is not indicated by these labs.

Yes, it is a good sign that the liver has improved on the blood tests and likely that it has resolved.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
My doc said
Mark your wbc is fine time to forget it you are low normal and have always been !
Get on with your life please !
Guess you agree ?
On a strange note I am taking my pilots licence when I'm up there I have no health anxiety at all how odd ???
Listen Dr love you have been a massive help this last 10 months.
Many thanks
Yes, I absolutely agree.
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