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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
Category: Medical
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Hi Dr love Looking back at these levels I'm a bit relieved

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Hi Dr love
Looking back at these levels I'm a bit relieved the wbc does go up and down for example in October 2013 it was 3.5. In February 2014 it was 6.0 in July 2014 4.0 in September 3.69 and in October 2014. 3.5.
That is reassuring as it would go up and down like that over a long time it would keep going down and stay very low. ?? Am I understanding that right if so I get it at last !!
Dr. David :

This is Dr. David

Dr. David :

it is normal for your WBC counts to go up and down like this.

Dr. David :

there are no signs that it will go down very low or keep going down at this point.

Customer : Thanks Dr David.
Customer : Even I can see it looks ok if serious would go very low and stay low I'm guessing ?
Dr. David :


Customer : It is also worth noting the lab normal range is 3.0 to 10. For a reason I'm assuming
Dr. David :

your levels are not worrisome.

Dr. David :

yes, that is fine.

Dr. David :

different labs can have slightly different "normal" ranges.

Customer : I take omeprazol and have done for many years 1 a day for nervous acidity.
Customer : Woukd that effect it
Dr. David :


Customer : the only drug I ever took
Customer : my repeat test and sign off for the liver is in a week can I post you the results. ?
Dr. David :


Customer : Then I only need testing every six months as my liver enzymes have been perfect now for 6 months !
Customer : Alt 20 to 29 ast 21 to 24 gamma gt 10. Billibubin 9.
Customer : The 42 pound weight loss and excercise have sorted it as you said it would
Customer : Would the liver reversal effect the wbc in any way ?
Dr. David :


Customer : So weight loss didn't effect it
Customer : No not over 3 years. Lol
Customer : Hopefully now I'm fit the fat has gone. !
Dr. David :

that is good.

Dr. David :

I am glad you are exercising.

Dr. David :

keep that up

Dr. David :

don't worry about your WBC count

Customer : Had a week off running molar extraction. Healed in 5 days !!!! So something in the wbc is working !
Customer : My wbc does not need monitoring in your opinion ?
Dr. David :

your immune system and healing systems are fine.

Dr. David :

WBC checked only once every 6-12 months

Customer : Like everyone else then ?
Customer : Normal ?
Dr. David :

yes. normal

Customer : Where's the best cheesecake in New York. ??
Dr. David :

I am not in NYC

Customer : you have relieved my anxiety and I thank you sir. There really is no need for me to ask questions on the wbc anymore unless it drops to 2 ????
Customer : Where New York state ?
Customer : Which I hope it won't !!!!!
Dr. David :

we can't reveal private information on this website.

Dr. David :

it is against privacy rules here at

Customer : Ok fair enough. I was being friendly that all
Customer : I'm in Cambridge uk
Dr. David :

that is ok.

Dr. David :

no need to worry about your WBC dropping to 2

Dr. David :

it won't drop that low.

Customer : Nice buildings How are you so sure please it won't ??
Customer : Anxiety on health is a lonely business And I opologise for bugging you. I try to keep it away from my family.
Dr. David :

because I am a medical doctor and your bone marrow is normal

Dr. David :

so your WBC counts won't go to 2.0

Customer : That's good enough for me you are also oncologist ?
Dr. David :

yes, I am an oncologist.

Customer : Well you know better than anybody about wbc then.
Dr. David :


Customer : Have a great. Evening.
Dr. David :


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