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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
Category: Medical
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Experience:  Board Certified Physician
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Morning doctor David Mark here. Thanks for all the info

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Morning doctor David
Mark here. Thanks for all the info
What happens if I get winter flu with my wbc at 3.69 all ok same as every one else ???
Dr. David :

This is Dr. David

Dr. David :

you will be fine if you get the flu

Dr. David :

your immune system is normal

Dr. David :

you were able to heal up normally after your dental procedures.

Dr. David :

you don't have to worry about your WBC count of 3.69

Dr. David :

it sounds like you are having a very hard time getting over this

Dr. David :

it sounds like you need to be seeing a psychotherapist regularly to talk about your anxieties and fears.

Dr. David :

and you should talk to your GP doctor about medications to help decrease your anxiety symptoms as well.

Customer: You are right and I have booked my therapy.
Customer: Iwas ok until the other doctor on here said I wasnt !!! That's triggered back my anxiety
Customer: So the fact that I now know I have a wbc of 3.69 and didn't before Now means I'm aware. Perhaps less blood tests ? I have them every 8 weeks privately myself to monitor liver
Customer: So just live and have fun is your advice. ? And exclude contini
Customer: Blood work all the time ?
Dr. David :

my advice to you is to get more therapy for your excessive anxiety and worry symptoms.

Dr. David :

until you get better treatment of your anxiety disorder, you will continue to worry about this or something else.

Customer: I am normal. My immune is normal Full stop ?
Dr. David :

yes, your immune system is normal.

Dr. David :

you will be able to fight off a flu or cold or infection.

Customer: i. On it. It is hard to cure anxiety disorders I'm sure you understand
Dr. David :

make sure you wash your hands before eating food and after using the bathroom.

Dr. David :

that keeps you healthy as well.

Customer: Always do.
Dr. David :

it is not hard to treat anxiety disorder.

Dr. David :

there are well known treatments for it

Dr. David :

your doctor knows them.

Customer: Lim at exactly the same risk as the general population
Dr. David :


Customer: You are helping me I will sort this thanks for your knowledge
Customer: Understanding is key.
Dr. David :

good luck to you.

Customer: Don't say that !! Lol makes me worry lol
Dr. David :

that is wrong that I can't say that to you.

Customer: Correct. !!!!!!
Dr. David :

that means your anxiety disorder is out of control and you need to be seeing a therapist regularly

Customer: it highlights my anxiety disorder
Dr. David :

and you most likely need to be on medications like an SSRI agent like zoloft or lexapro or paxil

Customer: I'm going today
Customer: Will that hurt my liver
Dr. David :

and a long acting benzodiazepine like clonopin or valium to help decrease your anxiety.

Dr. David :

no, they will not hurt your liver.

Customer: Or lower my wbc
Dr. David :


Dr. David :

you need to talk to your doctor about these medication option treatments

Customer: If therapy fails I'm going to start them.
Customer: But thank you for the information
Dr. David :

you need to start them along with therapy.

Customer: Ok
Dr. David :

or else you will continue to worry.

Dr. David :

I can't even say good luck to you.

Customer: You are correct of coarse.
Customer: Il make an appointment.
Customer: But it for the weekend forget the bone marrow stuff
Customer: it's fine
Customer: I haven't had a cold in 2 years and the bloody wbc has been at that level for 3 years ?!!!! Common sense I guess
Dr. David :

yes, I keep telling you to not worry about your WBC count.

Customer: Have a great weekend sir
Customer: Good luck ! Lol
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