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hi, I have been incorrectly prescribed a cholesterol drug EZETROL

for the passed 7 months.
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for the passed 7 months.
I have been taking 3 times 10mg per day instead of 1 times 10mg per day. I have been experiencing a number of side effects and I would like to know what the potential damage is please.
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Hello from JustAnswer. I will be glad to assist you today.

First, the vast majority of people that have taken higher than standard doses of Ezetrol do not have any problems related to that dosing, although the studies have been done on relatively low numbers of patients. For example, in one study 27 people were given 40 mg per day for 6 months, and it was well tolerated.

However, at standard and elevated dosing, the primary concern would be whether there has been any sign of liver dysfunction, usually manifested as an increase in the liver enzymes. It would be appropriate to perform a general chemistry profile, which will include both liver and kidney function tests. There is no evidence that it will adversely affect the blood counts, but it would be reasonable to also perform a blood count.

If another drug for cholesterol was being taken with the Ezetrol, there would be another level of concern. There is an increased risk of liver enzyme elevation if the Ezetrol is taken with a statin drug as well as a risk of adversely affecting the muscles. If the Ezetrol is administered with a fibric acid derivative, such as fenofibrate, there have been reports of an increased risk for gallstones.

So, it is likely that you are fine, but it would be appropriate to check for the above problems.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.