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I ordered from the Internet a couple of packets off zopiclone.

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I ordered from the Internet a couple of packets off zopiclone. My gp has been informed could she stop giving me Zopiclone. I bought it in a panic when my gp of 20 years left the surgery thinking my new GP would not continue to prescribe the Zopiclone. Really worried about this and obviously will never do it again. P,ease help
Hi--how did your GP find out and why did you think she wouldn't prescribe the medication?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I wasn't aware that it was illegal to order off the Internet as there was no indication on the website. The drugs were confiscated from the border agency they phoned me and I was horrified and said I wasn't aware and to destroy the tablets immediately. But hey have informed my GP and I am now stressing she will refuse continuation of this medication as I have done this very silly thing. It was a panic buy like I said when my GP of 29 yrs left the surgery. I suffer with depression and anxiety and need the Zopiclone to keep me on an even keel. This all started when my father and brother were killed in a tragic car accident and we have just got to a stage where I am relatively stable. What do you think she will say
I understand Kim and you aren't alone--we many times have to tell people here that are looking for prescriptions that it is illegal both for the doctor and the customer for the doctor to supply an online prescription and for the customer to receive the medication, especially if it's a controlled substance like zopiclone. But we doctors, for the most part, are not judgmental and want to help our patients in any way that is appropriate. Just sit down with her and tell her what you've told me and let her know how distressed you are about all this and how you didn't know it was illegal and that naturally you will never do it again. I really think she will understand and will continue to prescribe the medication for you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
thank you very much. There was no indication on the website that this was an illegal substance. I've never even had a speeding ticket in my life so you can imagine how scary and frightened I was. It was just a very silly panicky thing to do. I am dreading going to see her on Thursday in case she says I am no longer to attend the surgery and she is unwilling to keep me as her patient .
Just go to her hat in hand so to speak and tell her all you've told me Kim. These web sites that offer online medications prey on so many innocent and unsuspecting people and they really should be investigated and prosecuted but since they are based in other countries besides the UK and the US and Canada, that's not easy to do.
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