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Dr. SH
Dr. SH, Board Certified Physician
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My wife, aged 74, took a bad fall 8 days ago landing on her

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My wife, aged 74, took a bad fall 8 days ago landing on her front/left side, full length, but the chest taking most of the impact. Have been to local Critical Care unit who checked her over, breathing, etc. and said nothing major appeared to be wrong - rest & pain-killers their advice.
Presently suffering very bad pains, first in the breast but now in the left shoulder blade and under the arm. The pain has increased, marked, over the few days and shows no sign of abating.
Taking, for other reason and under prescription, Naproxen, Thyroxine 125mg, Clopidogrel 75mg, Pregabalin (150mg am & 300mg pm), Atenolol 50mg, Alendronic Acid 70mg, Atrovastatin 80mg, Amlopine 10mg, Omeprazole 20mg, Adcal, Paracetamol 100mg as required, Lidocaine 5 mg patches as required.
Please advise
Dr. Shahzad MD :

Hi there. Thank you for your question. I will be helping you out with your queries

Dr. Shahzad MD :

She certainly needs stronger pain medications than what she is on currently.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

She is currently on naproxen and paracetamol and she requires a stronger prescription pain medication


Can you suggest something

Dr. Shahzad MD :

Something like paracodol may be helpful for her

Dr. Shahzad MD :

it contains paracetamol and codeine.

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