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Dry scaly skin at times & faint leopard pattern rash (constantly)on

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Dry scaly skin at times & faint leopard pattern rash (constantly)on head of penis 100% not std & swollen rim of corona which makes edge (rim ) an unregular shape & rounded it used to have a defined edge & looked healthy & all same colour & smooth, first had problems when partners coil strings were grazing or digging into my penis head during intercourse causing pain that has since been resolved by trimming, the rash/discolouring remains( not sure if related) the swollen vein which becomes more protruding during errction has been there since last feb after some vigorous oral sex ! My gp tells me there isnt anything wrong & i just got to live with it had sevond opinion got creams they didnt work dont knowcwhere to turn or go now GP is useless
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Hi there
the description you give is typical of that of a fungal infection
these can be hard to detect.
If your GP is "useless", I would see a dermatologist privately.
they will be able to diagnose and treat easily and rapidly
did you see my last reply?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I just posted a reply to yours not sure its gone through
No I have not seen it
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
What is happening i have posted to replys to your answe have you got them ?
No, I have not gotten anything other than "hi"
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Really .ok surely my gp would know that im in the uk not sure if things are different here for referals but will look into it , what about the raised or swollen rim of my corona it is an irregular shape that sometimes just one side sometimes right across or around the rim (looking down) & sometimes bumpy this is the same when flavid or erect my gp said its probably a collapsed vein or varicose vein & i have to live with it ,i also have 2 small (forked veins) that are visible on head of my penis that run from the swollen rim towards my uretha (pee hole) as well as other noticeable or prominent beins on my shaft ..& hydrocel around levf testicle !!?? Thanks
That sounds normal actually
I agree with him on that.
but the lacy rash is probably fungal
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Normal for varicose vein ?? It definitly wasnt like that before feb & has never looked the same since , is there any thing i can fo as its bit unsightly & can be uncomfortable during sex as it swells up more ?
you could try an ice pack or something to get the swelling down like an anti inflammatory like ibuprofen
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