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My daughter had her appendix out last December, since this

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My daughter had her appendix out last December, since this she has been very unwell. She has severe pain in her stomach, can't eat very much and is sick most days. She has had a pelvic and abdominal scan, both showing that all is fine. She was admitted to hospital on Sun evening, discharged on Mon. They say there is nothing they can find. On Tuesday she couldn't eat or keep anything down, when she is sick it is just bile coming up. Help!!
Hi. Sorry to hear that. Can you tell me more about the pain? Has she had any other tests and studies other that the scan and was that an ultrasound or a ct scan?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Both the abdominal and pelvic were ultrasound. The pain is very severe, sometimes quite high up, left hand side, just under her rib cage and often in her lower back. Last night she was very light headed, tried to eat but just got severe pain and then was sick. She is very tired and has very little energy.

OK. So except for the ultrasound there have been no other tests like blood work, stool samples, a screen for H pylori, etc?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

She has had bloods taken x2, proved to be clear. No stool sample. She doesn't empty her bowels regularly, possibly three times a week. This has been her normal pattern from a very early age.

OK Michelle. I can only give you my thoughts here and what I would do were I were her doctor but this needs much more extensive workup. My first thought is that she may have intestinal adhesions from the surgery causing a partial bowel obstruction. But then this could be pancreatitis, a gall bladder problem, a peptic ulcer, an H pylori infection of her stomach, or something like an inflammatory bowel disorder like Crohn's disease. She needs to see a gastroenterologist for a ct scan of the abdomen, specific blood work, and upper and lower endoscopy to get at the cause for all this
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