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I've a twitch or spasm in my left eyebrow,it's visible but

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I've a twitch or spasm in my left eyebrow,it's visible but not painful,there for about two weeks on and off,also in my right thigh,it feels like spasm also,a gushing of little blood in small area,will these eventually go away?
Hi--can you tell me more about the right thigh symptoms?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It's upper Central,again no pain at all,when I get it,feels almost like a gushing sensation,it's duffucult to decribe
Sort of like a twitching Paul? How long does this last?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ya like that,doesn't last long,maybe 5-6 seconds when it does,very infrequent intervals
OK We can continue after this if you'd like Paul. The eyelid twitching on its own wouldn't be very concerning since it usually doesn't indicate anything serious and clears up in time. But if we combine that with what's going on with your thigh then we may be talking about something called myoclonus or fasciculations and that needs investigation. The possible causes would be an electrolyte imbalance in your potassium or sodium or a calcium or magnesium problem or a kidney or liver problem. That said, this could indicate something like multiple sclerosis and although I think that's unlikely, I have to mention it. You need to see a doctor for an exam, blood work, and an MRI of the brain to start
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