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My 4 year old son developed a high temperature on Friday afternoon

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My 4 year old son developed a high temperature on Friday afternoon but had come back down to normal by Sunday morning. Since Friday he has had less energy, he has lacked a bit in appetite and he continues to have a slight cough. This morning though he developed a rash on his torso in the form of blotchy, red, flat spots, no fluid and apparently there's no itch but I am concerned as when I press a glass against the spots, while they fade a little with the pressure, they do not disappear altogether. He has no headache, no vomiting, no stiffness in his neck or trouble with bright light and he seems just a bit off rather than really sick but I am worried the rash does not disappear, should I be concerned or does the fact that he has no other serious symptoms mean it's just a standard viral rash?
Hi. It sounds like one of your concerns is meningitis but from what you've told me I don't see how that would be the case here. This is likely a viral exanthem as you surmised. That said, if he develops a sore throat or the cough worsens, he should see a doctor for possible antibiotic treatment
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