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Ken, Postgraduate doctor
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Hello, my name is***** think I may have hemorrhoids, I have a few lumps around my anus,

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Hello, my name is***** think I may have hemorrhoids, I have a few lumps around my anus, sometimes very itchy which get inflamed but then reduce in size after awhile.
Hello Oli,
Are the lumps red in color or fleshy? Do you pass blood in stool? Do they appear or increase in size when you have bowel movement? Are you constipated?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Ken, they are more red in color, especially when itchy. I haven't noticed any obvious blood in my stool, the odd time I would notice a little bright red blood on tissue paper but I put that down to a tear. I haven't noticed them getting bigger after a bowel movement, but they do get bigger when they are itchy and if I can fight the urge to rub them, I have used aloe vera to sooth the itchy which helps. I don't think I have been constipated to point where I would say to myself " I am constipated" I have attached a photo if that is ok, and if it is of any help to you. Thanks.

I saw the images attached.
I would think of two possibilities - Hemorrhoids or an anal fissure with infection. Itchy feeling indicates increased blood flow to the region {sign of inflammation}.
Next step- A physical evaluation along with few investigations like scopy/ stool analysis to get more answers.
Till than - Have balanced diet {more of fiber}/ avoid alcohol, smoking/ Seitz bath should help relieve inflammation and itchy feeling. Ibuprofen and Benadryl should help too.
Good Luck
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