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I've found a sort of cyst that has is quite red along with

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I've found a sort of cyst that has is quite red along with the area around it, it is located about 2-3cm to the right of my nipple, I am male and aged 18. I was wondering if this was something to be concerned about as the earliest I could get a doctors appointment is 4pm on Tuesday.
Hi--how long has it been there and I assume it's sore? Any drainage from it?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I first noticed it on Wednesday night, and yes it is quite sore.

OK James. It's probably an infected sebaceous cyst that is collecting pus and that might drain on it's own with some application of moist heat as with a microwaved dishcloth. That said, unless it drains the infection won't resolve on its own and you'd need antibiotics and possibly lancing and draining from a doctor. Thursday next is quite some time away so you could see if it will drain before then but if it doesn't or if it gets larger and you start to run a fever you'd need to see a doctor sooner
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