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Hi doctor There is excruciating pain coming from my hip bone

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Hi doctor
There is excruciating pain coming from my hip bone (in that area)...appears after a game of football or other sport involving kicking.
Pain shoots down the right leg.i am shivering with cold too when there is no cold in the room
Dear JA Customer
I will be glad to help you in managing your symptoms
Before we discuss further i would like to ask you few questions
1-When did the pain start
2-Did you get any trauma? injury
3-Do you have any problem with your urine or bowel
4-Are you able to bear weight on your knees/legs
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
1)pain with the past six weeks
2)no trauma/injury
3);no prob with urine or bowel
4)able to bear weight on knees/legs
Thanks for the details
Bursitis is a condition in which there is inflammation of the bursae which is like a lining layer of the joints you can say...
Other possibilities can be muscle spasm or compression of the nerve between muscle fibers of the buttocks which seems less likely in your case
I am worried about fever as you mentioned
I would recommend trying over the counter anti inflammatory medications for temporary relief but there is need to discuss with the physical therapist and your primary doctor for possibility of referral to orthopedic/joint doctors as the worse thing possible is an infection, which i hope is not the case...
So try OTC meds like Advil/Motrin, do not use tylenol but seek help with physical therapist and if fever persists report to doctor immediately for necessary blood testing and imaging to rule out any infection
Feel free to ask any follow up questions if you have
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