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Hi, I've had a constant sore left chest /around breastbone

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I've had a constant sore left chest /around breastbone up to neck area for ages but has got worse in the last week..
On and off sore throat /also sore when I drink hot or cold drinks in the chest area... Sore chest when breath in too...
I've got a sensation of something stuck down my throat on the right side for 1 week! What could this be?
Had a slight cough for 2 months since last virus/and lose voice sometimes..
I've bad terrible heartburn/burps and reflux for about a week too ...
It's really worrying me now ..??
Does anybody know what this could be ?
Thanks in advance ..
This can all be from acid reflux.
You need to see a doctor about this, as ineffectual treatment can lead to esophageal problems.
If this has gone on "for ages" you might need a scope to make sure there are no serious changes to the tissue in the esophagus.
Of course, you would be young for heart problems, but a baseline EKG should be done.
Lung problems need to be excluded, but I don't really see them here.
However, it is possible to have another problem on top of the acid reflux making the situation worse, such as a clot to the lung, asthma, etc.
Go to your doctor.
If this gets worse, go to the ER.
OK, so that is an initial answer….
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