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Dr. Charogat
Dr. Charogat, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  Licensed in both NYS and NJ with experience in surgery and medicine.
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I was discharged from hospital today following a serious overdose

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I was discharged from hospital today following a serious overdose attempt and have been atuggling badly with suicicidal thoughts and intent to harm myself
Dr. Charogat :

Hi, and thank you for coming to our site with your concern.

Dr. Charogat :

Do you know why they released you if you are still struggling with these feelings?

Customer: They said I was medically fit but at the moment I feel my mental state is very poor
Dr. Charogat :

In the US we have hospitals that are specifically for people who are dealing with problems such as yours. And many of the hospitals have wards for this. Is this not the same in the UK?.

Customer: It is but there are not a lot of psychiatric beds at the moment my mood is so low I do not know what to do
Dr. Charogat :

Have you tried reaching out to

Samaritans UK & ROI
Hotline: +44 (0) 8457 90 90 90 (UK - local rate)
Hotline: +44 (0) 8457 90 91 92 (UK minicom)
Hotline: 1850 60 90 90 (ROI - local rate)
Hotline: 1850 60 90 91 (ROI minicom)
E-mail Helpline: [email protected]

Dr. Charogat :

whoops -- that copy/paste didn't work too well. Sorry

Dr. Charogat :

Not having enough beds is not enough to discharge a suicidal person.

Dr. Charogat :

I think you need to go to the closest hospital and tell them that you are suicidal. If you already have a plan then you need to tell them that you have a plan of how you are going to do this if you can't get the help you need.

Customer: I have already contacted samararins they are not able to advise only to listen I explained exactly my feelings prior to leaving and was still diacharges
Customer: No one is liatening
Dr. Charogat :

This is NOT acceptable.

Dr. Charogat :

You obviously need help - and there HAS to be some hospital that will accept you on this basis.

Customer: So what next the hospital will not listen
Dr. Charogat :

Usually (at least in the US) you are admitted if you are a danger to yourself. One way of getting admitted even quicker is if you tell the doctors you have a plan.

Dr. Charogat :

And even quicker if you share the plan with them.

Dr. Charogat :

It is awful that you are feeling so terrible and that on top of that you are not able to get help yet.

Customer: I already done this told them all still wouldn't kisten
Dr. Charogat :

For the time being (until we find help where you can be admitted) do you have a religious leader you can speak with? A priest? A Rabbi? etc?

Customer: I don't know what to do next
Dr. Charogat :

Where are you located?

Customer: Not really
Dr. Charogat :

Do you have any family that can stay with you, call an ambulance to get you to the hospital and explain to the hospital the seriousness of the situation?

Customer: Glasgow Scotland
Dr. Charogat :

Actually, another thing that might work is to go to the police station and tell them there that you are suicidal with a previous attempt and a plan. They might have a good idea of where you can go.

Customer: There is no one really I go to hospital and get sent away always
Dr. Charogat :

Have you tried going to a police station?

Customer: In this country they will not be able to help
Customer: Anything else I could do
Dr. Charogat :

There are things you can do to try to get through the time (writing, exercising, composing, singing, etc) but those are only measures that will work for a very short time.

Dr. Charogat :

There are natural remedies you can try, and various medications that you can try. Are you on any medication yet?

Customer: I'm in despair at moment and just feel hopeless and useless
Customer: Qhave been on anti depressants for a no of years
Dr. Charogat :

Well, the first thing then (aside from being admitted to a hospital) is go find someone who needs help. When you are helping someone else you don't have time to dwell on your own problems - and at least for that period of time you can be busy.

Dr. Charogat :

Are there any soup kitchens opened that you can go to right now

Dr. Charogat :


Dr. Charogat :

Anyplace where they are working on putting up decorations for the needy, wrapping presents etc. ANYTHING that will be of service to others?

Dr. Charogat :

THIS might be a good thing to contact your local religious leader.

Dr. Charogat :

Usually religious institutions have a lot of work that needs to be done to help out the needy. Maybe you can find one that can give you something to volunteer at right now?

Customer: I can't see any logical way out death or insanity are my only options sadly
Customer: Thank you
Customer: Not at the moment
Dr. Charogat :

I'll admit that I've been in your position before. And while in that position had the most important thing in my life taken away. The main thing that helped me was finding other people I could help.

Customer: OK
Dr. Charogat :

It didn't help because I found people who were more needy than I was. Many of them weren't. But by being busy with their needs I was able to forget about my probolems for a while.

Dr. Charogat :

How about going to a local old-person's home. There are many people there who never get any visitors. Maybe figure out something you can do to brighten their days?

Customer: OK thanks
Customer: May do that tomorrow if I last until rhen
Dr. Charogat :

You NEED to last until then.

Dr. Charogat :

Why don't you start doing a craft that you can bring with you tomorrow to brighten their day?

Dr. Charogat :

Maybe bake a snack for them?

Dr. Charogat :

Make some pretty tissue flowers etc.

Dr. Charogat :

Keep yourself going because people do need you to be in this world!

Customer: I realise that but at the moment its just too hard I'm too tired to fight anymore
Dr. Charogat :

You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I so totally remember being where you are now. Things CAN get better if you just hold on.

Dr. Charogat :

You need to also speak to your physician. Maybe s/he can find a psychiatric hospital bed for you.

Customer: Will only be able to do that romorrow
Dr. Charogat :

Until then get busy doing things that I mentioned above.

Dr. Charogat :

What is your talent? Big or small as it might be?

Customer: I have none I'm no use to anybody/thing
Dr. Charogat :

I don't believe that

Customer: Its true
Dr. Charogat :

Please be in touch tomorrow and let me know how you were able to spend some time helping someone else.

Dr. Charogat :

You can watch a youtube video on how to make paper flowers and bring them to people tomorrow.

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