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Had bad cold for more than a week feeling very tired unable

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Had bad cold for more than a week feeling very tired unable to get out bed for a few days now feeling dizzy and generally unwell also feeling nauseas
Dear JA Customer sorry to hear about your problem
I will be happy to assist you and work through your symptoms to sort out possible diagnsis

Before we discuss further, i would like to ask some questions
Did you get Flu Vaccine this season?
Did you get any antibiotics or tested with Nasal Swab for Flu?
Any Xray chest done?
What are other associated symptoms, and do you have fever

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
not had flu vaccine no antibiotics or nasal swab never had X-ray not sure if I've have fever had sweats and chills
Thanks for the prompt reply
Your symptomes suggest possibility of the viral infections/Influenza-Flu
There are antiviral medications like Tamiflu which we use to treat this condition ,however the benefits are seen if we use within 48 hrs of presentation

Most of these seasona/Viral infections are time limited and should get better with symptomatic treatment which include plenty of fluids, Analgesics and rest.
If the symptoms are persistent,and you have chills with sweat, i am more concerned about a superimposed bacterial infection in which case you need antibiotics.

I would recommend you to consult your doctor/Go to ER and i would do an Xray chest and blood tests with atleast complete blood count to see if there is any evidence of infection or no and may be you need a short course of antibiotics...

If you did not get Flu Vaccine, once your symptoms are settled, i would recommend to get one, it decreases the chances of fluminant lung infection related to this virus.

Meanwhile make sure you stay adequately hydrated and drink plenty of fluids, analgesics as needed

Please let me know if you need further help or have any questions..
Internist and other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi thanks for you reply yesterday have made appointment with gp unable to see him till tomorrow I know have tight feeling in middle of chest and feel I have constant indigestion? Could this be a chest infection?