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Hello! I hope you can help! My 17 week old son spent the early

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Hello! I hope you can help! My 17 week old son spent the early hours of Tuesday night unable to sleep and crying. I had to hold him upright for him to sleep. I took him to the Doctor the next day (yesterday) who said he has an inflamed right ear drum and prescribed antibiotics.
I was unable to collect the antibiotics yesterday and since then he has improved. He slept well last night and has had good rest today. He is not even half as fussy and I can lie him on his back on the rug for play and get plenty of smiles.
He has no fever (and don't think he has had either, just a slightly stuffy nose that I am irrigating with a saline solution for children that the doctor also recommended. When I try to use the nasal aspirator after not really anything comes out. He is exclusively breastfed and was bringing up quite frequently yesterday but has settled back to normal today and his poop has been a bit green these past few days but not diarreah. We had to travel last week to visit sick elderly relatives and he took 4 short haul flights, the last one was on Tuesday afternoon.
Given that he is improving do I still need to start the course of antibiotics? I am not in favour of using them unless it is absolutely necessary. He does appear to be getting better but I know young infants are prescribed them routinely. Am I taking a wreckless risk by not giving them? Ie is it likely to flare up again and make him more suseptable to complications?
Thanks so much!
We can not answer that for you, as we can not examine your son.
However, that said, antibiotics are over prescribed, and without fever, pain, etc. they are often not indicated.
What is indicated is follow up with the doctor.
Show the ear again to the doctor..and if he agrees, hold the antibiotics.
Call the doctor if you can not get in.
OK, so that is an initial answer….
Please use reply to expert if you have further questions. When you are ready, please click a positive rating [hopefully excellent]. If you forgot something, come back. I am here daily.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Dr Thomas for your time. I appreciate your answer, but if you are unable to answer my question then can i please ask to not be charged for it?



I have answered your question.
As I said, I do not think antibiotics are needed, if the ear looks like it is clearing on exam.
No other answer is possible. As experts we have nothing to do with your charges at JA.
However, you have rated me poor service with JA, apparently for giving you the truth, and protecting your child, and you have seen to it that I will not be paid by JA for my expertise
Was that intentional?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No it was not intentional at all. I did not know that was how it worked. I am a first time user. I apologise for this. But because you were unable to give me a finite answer and referred me back to my doctor i wondered if this meant that it was eligible for a refund.

As indicated above i appreciate your answer. I am just a worried mother who is trying to navigate the minefield of conventional medicine to do the best for her children. I actually currently live in Italy where I am not fluent in the language and struggle to understand the conversations i have with our assigned lead, let alone be able to work out if i trust her opinions or not.

The problem here is that criteria for avoiding antibiotics are to observe if the child is 6 months or older. With careful follow up.
Your child does not meat this criteria.
However, your child is improving.
If the examining doctor were to examine this again, and confirm the improvement, antibiotics could probably be avoided.
That is the correct and ethical answer.
If you click a positive rating on this post, it will void out the negative rating.
We can then continue with any further questions you have.
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