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My six year old son who is has asd has started drawing pictures

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My six year old son who is has asd has started drawing pictures of knives either cutting fruit after watching 'annoying orange' but more worryingly stick pictures of someone in bed being stabbed. At home there are issues we live a VERY middle class existence but my husband abuses me emotionally, verbally and financially . We both have substance abuse issues however hard we try and function(which we do ) there are arguments mostly away from the kids but I'm frightened and have been for some time. I've been on the freedom programme, in drug counselling, spoken to GPS and health visitors but despite the responsibility on my head I m not doing what I should which is leave . My mum died three weeks ago and my husband lost his weddingbring and refuses to do anything about it. I'm running around trying to get they the day, pay for Christmas cos my husband can't, and my kids sent happy. I don't know what else to do , I'm at breaking point. Pls advise?
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Hi Jo.
I'm sorry you are having so much trouble.
clearing your son is acting out some of the violence at home. Kids pick up on this stuff very well.
I think there is no question that your son should be in counseling too.
However, the main issue might be that you need to leave.
It is hard, I'm sure, but you seem to know what must be done. Why not just leave now?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I'm scared. My husband looks the par, great job, works his position at home in front of everyone else. I have no where to go and I know if I leave he will make my life a living hell.i often think he takes enjoyment out of beating the optimism, joy or roads to possibly take out of me. I grew up with a father the same,my mother died of alcoholism because my father did the same.she lost everything before she lost herself, I have no one on my side and I do not want to end up losing my children, my family, friends and self. I feel like I can't move even though I KNOW I need to
you are repeating the cycle of your life.
do you want your kids to do the same?
you have to break the cycle Jo
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Obviously but how do I win over someone so calculating. I think about basic stuff like feeding my kids etc, when I even try and contemplate taking HIM on he finds out every time and I lose .... Are there basic laws to help me, special solicitors.....I can't find any.
There is nothing to win over.
You hire a lawyer and get out of there.
Let the lawyers deal with it. They are professionals
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