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Does my psychologist have the right to relay personal

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Does my psychologist have the right to relay personal conversations between us to my psychiatrist without my permission? Cn I suebecause the psychiatrist repeated back to me exact explicit words I had apparently said. Apart from these words being untrue, I was utterly confused and embarrassed
Please answer soon as I'm very depressed about it and needs course of action to take.... Possibly there isn't one.
Hi Sorry for the delay. Can you give me an idea of what was said between your psychologist and your psychiatrist?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hr actually made it up due to counter transference and felt guilty so he told my psychiatrist that I had said sexually explicit word ( I didn't) in order for him to terminate therapy. There was one particular word that I never use which my psychiatrist repeated to me, I confronted psychologist who said I had said these things and was worried I'd commit suicide. I have never been suicidal and he knows this.
OK Lucy--can you clarify something for me please? While you don't have to tell me the sexually explicit word how did using that word--even if you didn't--make your psychologist think you were suicidal/
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
He knew I wasnt suicidal but said that he didn't , stating his worry about it, being one of his reasons to terminate. I had never threatened suicide .
OK Lucy. In that case, no, he did not have the ethical or medical right to relate that to your psychiatrist. I would notify the board of medicine about this and if you feel strongly enough about the situation, I'm sure a lawyer would also be willing to take your case with the intent of suing him for breach of medical protocol
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you and apologies for my delay in replying, tied up with my kids all day. You have been very helpful and your answert (hough disconcerting )has also helped me attempt to shed the guilt and shame that led me to therapy in the first place. I forgive my transference and his resulting counter transference, but making up stories to protect himself at the expense of a clients well being is very wrong. I don't need revenge and am too selfish to consider his other potential clients but I will make him aware of my feelings and suggest he finds another career.thank you
Entirely my pleasure Lucy even though it was a difficult question to give you the straight advice. Let me know how it goes and please remember to rate my service to you