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often micrane...high blood pressure & restleness

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often micrane...high blood pressure & restleness
Hello from JustAnswer.

I am sorry that you are having such problems.

Could you clarify what question you are asking?
What information would be helpful?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

why i have micranes ofter??

high blood pressure 10-15??

restlenss..can't relax??

what are the causes and how can i cure myself???

Do you mean migraines?
If so, how often are you having migraines?
What is the actual blood pressure readings?
How long have each of these problems been bothering you?
Have you had any recent evaluation, such as of liver, kidney, or thyroid function?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes migranes..

quite often

blood pressure 10-15

2-3 weeks..

no recent evaluations for liver,kidney or thyroid.

A blood pressure would not be stated as 10-15.
A blood pressure reading should be too numbers, representing the highest and lowest blood pressure with each heart beat.
What is the actual blood pressure reading?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

10 lowest

15 highest

A blood pressure of 15/10 would not be considered high, unless it is measured in some unit other than kPa.

If someone has migraines and anxiety/restlessness of new onset for the last 2-3 weeks, then the headache is likely due to anxiety/restlessness. If the blood pressure were elevated, it also could be due to the anxiety/restlessness, but a blood pressure of 15/10 is not elevated.

It is not always clear why someone has new onset of anxiety/restlessness that is also causing migraines. However, there are certain medical conditions that should be considered, primarily certain metabolic or endocrine problems. Since you have not had a recent evaluation, it would be appropriate to see your doctor for a general physical examination and blood tests that would include a general chemistry profile, a blood count, and thyroid function tests. Additional testing may be necessary depending upon the results of the initial tests.

If the evaluation identifies a specific underlying cause, then treatment would be oriented towards treatment of that condition. However, if no underlying cause can be identified, then treatment would be primary treatment of the anxiety/restlessness, which is typically first done with an SSRI, such as sertraline or citalopram.

There also can be medicines that directly treat the migraines, most often with a triptan, such as sumatriptan.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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