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I have read about a new drug, Selincro which I think would

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I have read about a new drug, Selincro which I think would help with my alchohol Intake, my GP says he Is unable to prescribe any medication regarding addictions, I want to know how to obtain this medication.
Hello from JustAnswer.
Did your GP discuss the option of referral to a Drug & Alcohol program?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

He suggested I attend a local addiction clinic which I did. I mentioned Selincro, he said they only provide group therapy, which Is a problem as the sessions fall In my work time. I tried AA years ago, but was not really comfortable with It.

I can drink sensibly a lot of the time, but If I am put under a lot of stress for Instance I will then drink 10-15 units a day for 2 or 3 weeks until I am a wreck. The older I get the harder I am finding It to stop. I have tried to come to terms with the fact that the best option Is not to drink at all but I find It Impossible to accept. Earlier this year I went for 3 and a half months without a drink, with no problem at all, but when I started again I had no control on the level of my drinking at all.

Frequently, the most efficient method for getting seen by a consultant that can prescribe the Selincro is by referral from your GP, since your GP is usually well aware of the local resources.

However, if that was not effective, it may be necessary to access resources without referral from your GP.

Let me do some research to find resources near you.
Where are you located? (I realize that you entered your location when you registered for the site, but the demographic information is kept private and the experts cannot access it.)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I live In the village of Clanfield, Waterlooville, Hamphire.

Very good.

Let me do some research and I will post an answer shortly.
I am sorry for the length of time that this has taken, but the information available on the internet about the alcohol treatment programs in your area are limited.

First, the medicine, Selincro, is an opioid receptor blocker that has been used for alcohol dependence. There are other similar medicines that also are used for alcohol dependence, such as naltrexone. None of these medicines are controlled substances, but it is common for the medicine to be prescribed by a doctor that specializes in management of alcohol and substance abuse.

When looking at alcohol treatment programs in your area, though, I cannot find information that states which include the use of Selincro in the scope of services.

The best resource that I can find is a UK telephone service, called Drinkline, that can provide information on where to go for help. The telephone number for Drinkline is 0300(###) ###-####

If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.
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