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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
Category: Medical
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Experience:  Board Certified Physician
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Hi Dr David. Mark here anxiety mark do you remember me ?

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Hi Dr David.
Mark here anxiety mark do you remember me ?
Cut my hand 12 stitches in a and e
Had tetanus shot arm hurts in muscle quite a bit how long till it goes and why does it hurt ?
Dr. David :

This is Dr. David

Customer : Hi
Dr. David :

where did you get cut?

Dr. David :

where does it hurt?

Customer : Thank you for reviewing my bloods last time as well
Customer : I fell onto some sharp metal while running. Had 12 stitches
Customer : that's fine looks good
Customer : They gave me a tetanus jab in the arm that hurts and feels like a bruise
Customer : Obviously it's a bad cut though
Customer : Sore arm where the tetanus was injected is that common
Customer : My hand is cut
Dr. David :

yes, sore area in the tetanus shot is common

Dr. David :

and is not a bad sign.

Customer : Ok I've been better on anxiety since we last chattied
Dr. David :

that is good.

Customer : how long til it subsides ?
Dr. David :

the soreness of the shoulder should get better in a day or two.

Customer : I had ibs After panicking I lthought it's windy pains in abdomen and the dart everywhere up wind pipe etc it goes away in the evening and comes back when I wake up feels like butterflies on waking. Then I'm a bit co st
Customer : constipated
Customer : But I didn't panic and it is going now the more I ignore it
Customer : Is that how I should deal with these things sir ?
Dr. David :


Dr. David :

you should not panic.

Customer : Think sensibly ?
Dr. David :

don't let your anxiety get out of control

Dr. David :

yes think sensibly.

Customer : Ie if serious would stay in one plAce and get progressively worse etc ? Is that how nirmal people think
Dr. David :

I got sore in my shoulder when I got a flu shot there

Dr. David :

it is normal to have some soreness there after a shot.

Dr. David :

and it got better in a few days.

Customer : Great. Thanks.
Customer : I feel fit and strong
Customer : But as you know panic over any pain.
Customer : Does Ibs wind etc usually take a while to go if caused by anxiety
Dr. David :

yes, it can take sometime to get better.

Dr. David :

you should be taking probiotics and yogurt to help your bowels.

Customer : Constipation is common with it ?
Customer : Yes I now take blue holistic probiotics
Customer : They help I only get it every six months or so usually because I get wind and panic
Customer : Then it gets worse
Customer : And wind goes everywhere lol
Dr. David :

avoid sodas

Dr. David :

and carbonated drinks

Dr. David :

and beans which can also cause gas.

Customer : Yes I will.
Customer : But not a serious sign. As my stools are normal. ? But a little hard when it comes
Dr. David :

not a serious sign.

Dr. David :

you need to drink more water and eat prunes to avoid constipation.

Customer : My doc has seen me with it for 15 years on and off. He says your. Looks are fine no anemia no raise esr and stool tested normal. He says anxious gut
Customer : Thanks sir. Speak soon.
Dr. David :

you are welcome

Dr. David :


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