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I woke up with a blood shot eye what is the cause

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I woke up with a blood shot eye what is the cause
Hello and welcome.
I am Dr. Norm, and I look forward to helping you today.
Are you taking any medications?
Do you have high blood pressure? Thank you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am taking lostartin for high blood pressure

I also take levothyroxine for underactive thyroid

The bloodshot eye is called a subconjunctival hemorrhage. It's fairly common and occurs when there is bleeding under the conjunctiva, which is the thin lining of the eye.
This may occur from sneezing, coughing, or bumping (trauma) the eye. Having high blood pressure predisposes you to a subconjunctival hemorrhage. Being on blood thinners also increases the chance.
Although it usually looks scary, it generally resolves within a week or so and requires no treatment. I would check your blood pressure to be sure that it's under control.
If you have pain in the eye or any disturbance of vision, then see your doctor. Best wishes.
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