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Dr Basu
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Hi there, I have been suffering from a pressure/bruised type

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Hi there, I have been suffering from a pressure/bruised type chest pain in the centre of my chest. The best way to describe it is someone standing on my chest with the pointy part of a high heel. I have hashimotos thyroiditis and when my thyroid levels are low or I forget to take a dose, this pain worsens. I have been to the GP and without an ecg or any testing they diagnosed costochondritis. I have no pain on breathing or to push on my chest, so I am sceptical about this. When I asked why it is alleviated by increasing my thyroxine dose, they replied that it was one of those things, perhaps I am run down. My blood pressure is always low and because I am 31 and look fit and healthy, I keep getting fobbed off. I had one incident of the chest pain feeling as though someone had just kicked me in the sternum, with pain going up into my jaw. I told the GP about this. I returned for a second opinion as I do not feel satisfied that this has been looked into properly, but was simply told sometime we don't know what causes these pains, it may get better or worse, we don't know. They didn't even listen to my chest/heart or take BP. What should I do know, surely heart problems should be ruled out before best guesses are applied?
Dr Basu :

Hi there, This is Dr Basu, Experienced Specialist. I am here to address your concerns and provide great service.

Dr Basu :

I understand your frustration.

Dr Basu :

The symptoms youdescribed can be caused by the heart problem typically.

Dr Basu :

At your age, pericarditis or inflammation of the outer heart membrane is a possibility.

Dr Basu :

This can be caused by the viral infection or autoimmune reaction.

Dr Basu :

Another possibility can be due to the heart failure from thyroid condition--although that is less likely given you do not have any significant shortness of breath with activities.

JACUSTOMER-xzbca3p5- :

I had pericarditis when my hashimotos first started, but never had this pain. I am very tired most of the time, though not breathless. I guess that there's nothing they would do for the pericarditis?

Dr Basu :

However, you do deserve a ECG, heart check and some blood tests to check cardia makers ( troponin and CK levels).

Dr Basu :

Also a echocardiogram should be ordered

Dr Basu :

these work ups can be done in your local hospital as well.

Dr Basu :

Pericarditis can be treated with indomethacine.

Dr Basu :

also there is a likelihood of heart failure given your tiredness.

Dr Basu :

that should be checked out.

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Given your history of symptoms and thyroid disease, you should go to the local hospital, for ECG, cardiac enzymes and echocardiogram testing.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My chest pains are dramatically worsened after taking b-vits, b12 or co-enzyme q10. I am being checked for a tapeworm infection after finding a tapeworm looking segment in my stools (I lived on a riding school for years and have dogs at home and grow own veg). Is any of this relevant?

A tape worm infection should not affect your heart or lungs.
So that is not likely.
And these supplements do not have direct effect in your heart.
Coq10 can make your blood thin but still should not worsen your pain.
Best wishes
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The supplements improve my energy levels but within 24 hours guaranteed they cause worsening of chest pain. The chest pain will get stronger for the duration of time I take the supplements and only reduces again about 2-3 days after discontinuing supplements. I can guarantee this will happen. The chest pain is worse when I'm rushing around and have higher adrenaline levels.

Ok that can be due to the increasing inflammation level from rushing.
Now another possibility can be your body is reacting against these supplements thereby casing worsening pain.
That is possible with pericarditis associated with hashimoto's --mediated byabnnormal immune reaction from the body.
Best wishes
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My sister was diagnosed with lupus and my white cell volume comes up just below reference range, would this need looking into further? I also had severe pre-eclampsia with a twin pregnancy with kidney and liver involvement. I know have protein in urine, but the GP says without symptoms of uti he doesn't think they're of any consequence

i think you should need to look into this further.
Lupus can cause recurrent pericarditis and high white cell count as well.
Best wishes
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My total white blood count is low 3.8X10^9/L (ref 4.5-11)

CRP was <5mg/L. Does this discount lupus?

Low CRP is not consistent with lupus.
White cell count can be low also with lupus.
But CRP is more accurate marker.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

CRP was taken last year, not had it re-checked since I've had chest pains. It's always usually elevated.

I also get the tiny broken capillaries all over like pin prick red dots, particularly on arms, but now appearing on chest and stomach.

I just don't know how to approach this with GPs, I feel like a hypochondriac and don't like going.

I never had proteinuria prior to pregnancy, but now gp just says its prob just mucus - so why did no protein ever show prior to pre-eclampsia, should I push for any additional kidney tests, is lasting kidney damage likely?

Kidney damage can be checked by the blood tests --serum creatinine, BUN and electrolyte levels.
Usually levated CRP level needs dfurtherautoimmune work up.
And the petechiae can be a manifestation of autoimune disorders as well.
Your best bet is to see a specialist like Rheumatologist for better evaluation.
Best wishes
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I had epidural during labour with twins, then spinal block (failed) then general anaesthetic. I had 1l blood loss, then had severe hypertension. They put me on 3 different BP meds to get BP down, but all of a sudden my heart just started going at 200bpm and felt like my whole body was shaking with the force of the contractions, it took 15minutes for this to settle, but my chest ached for days afterwards. Is there any chance this could have damaged my heart??

There is small risk from that
That is why it is better to get the above tests i recommended earlier.
best wishes
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am so sorry, but I'm trying to get all my 'unusual' queries out of the way. I am well aware it makes me look very strange asking these things!

I work in a high radon area and also have 10m of granite worktops in my kitchen at home. I have had more dental xrays than I can remember. Is it possible to reach a certain level of radiation (a threshold that your body can handle) and this cause pericariditis/chest pain/mitochondrial dysfunction? I always feel very drained and get a horrendous headache and nausea whenever I visit large buildings like hospitals, shopping centres etc. I do not suffer from anxiety, or any issues with busy places. I also never get headaches other than if I spend any length of time here. I had to turn down a job within hospitals as they make me feel so ill. I could never really understand it, just thought it must be something like lighting. I appreciate it sounds wacky and apologise once again! I just need to know if this is something that is possible.

No that is unlikely.
This would have affected your lungs as well.
And this type of exposure is still considered very low to cause any health problem.
Best wishes
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for bearing with me. Just one last question, is there any testing available for radiation that the body is carrying internally. I think there must be some sensitivity to radiation for me, as airplane travel, hospitals,etc make me feel so ill (just completely wiped with headaches and sickness). I can do long car journeys with no problems and regularly have lack of sleep with my children, with only the usual lack of sleep tiredness the following day. My mum smoked throughout the pregnancy and also travelled to America from the UK in the early stages of my pregnancy. I was exposed to second hand smoke from childminders every day and then the multiple xrays on other things including kidneys, 12+ dental xrays, 2 chest xrays and and MRI scan. Now working in this high radon area, I don't know if this is contributing to my tiredness and other symptoms. Can we reach a level that our bodies won't tolerate any further exposure to slightly elevated radiation without displaying symptoms. Thanks again for being so patient!

No thee is no such test available.
Radon exposure can cause tiredness and fatigue and that can only be determined by moving to low radon area for some time.
Yes you can reach that level after long standing exposure.
best wihes,