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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Board Certified Physician
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Experience:  20 yrs. in practice, includinge surgery, general medicine, addiction medicine and pain.
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.. What would you test for given the following symptoms?

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What would you test for given the following symptoms?
It's definitely not hypochondria and pretty sure it's not psychosomatic (although after a really un-f**king-helpful diagnosis of fibro-f**king-myalgia my lovely husband thinks it is). Not content with diagnosis. Have just had a whole host of blood tests done which I get back Monday but right now I'd rather have cancer than this shit. Am seriously ready to be fixed. Any ideas?
Had for a long time:
Fatigue after doing anything
Achey, stiff neck (have had old whiplash never really fixed)
Painful shoulder, neck getting better with weekly osteopath
Front headache
Sleeping for hours but feeling no better
Trouble falling asleep
Trouble staying asleep
Tired arms and legs
Difficulty using arms when raised (brushing the girls' hair or hanging clothes knackers my arms straight away)
Pins and needles in arms, hands, legs and feet
Restless legs, now day and night
Itchy skin, mainly forearms and hands
Get out of breath easily
Irritable, agitated
Not liking noise, loud voices
Feeling dizzy, faint
Aching wrists, hands
Weakness, general
Weak/tired arms, wrists, hands
Headache, not horrendous but frequent, mainly at front, dull, heavy
Recently got worse:
Tingling arms, legs
Itchy skin
Sudden tensing of muscles, particularly legs, non-painful cramping. Like restless legs but all day
Forgetfulness, can't think of words, confusion doing stuff
Cannot stand heights, being stood on stool etc, feel wobbly
Feel sick/wobbly with eyes shut
Uncomfortable to swallow, slightly sore tongue, feels swollen
Swallowing difficulty now all the time
Or is it all in my head?! I am not depressed and not lazy. If it's in my head then I may also add a bullet in there ­čśĺ­čöź
Hi. And we can continue after this if you'd like. Of course that's a very long list and I can fit all of that into just one neat diagnosis but, no, this isn't all psychosomatic. I'd like to know the results of your tests on Monday but here are the ones I would have ordered. Liver and kidney functions, thyroid function, CBC, cortisol levels, Calcium, potassium and sodium, magnesium levels, an autoimmune panel (ANA, rheumatoid factor, sed rate, C reactive protein) and heavy metal (lead and mercury) toxicity screen. Also an EBV virus titer for chronic fatigue syndromw and a Lyme antibody screen.
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