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Hello. I have been feeling exceptionally prone to anxiety

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Hello. I have been feeling exceptionally prone to anxiety and blood sugar swings for the last 36 hours. At times, this has made me feel light-headed, and has given me muscle cramps/spams in various parts of my body. I want to understand the cause(s), and figure out what I should do about it.
My period started this morning very suddenly. I was expecting it a day later and I had none of my usual warning signs that it was so imminent. It got going `properly' a lot faster than normal too, with stronger cramping.
Five days ago, I came home (to the UK) from a long trip (to Australia); during my time away, I had coffee only occasionally, and what I did have was not very strong. Since coming back, I had a cup of fairly strong coffee each morning for several days without any effect, but yesterday's cup seemed somewhat stronger than usual: I am suspicious of the coffee, so I had none this morning, but I have nevertheless been suffering today. It is also possible my body clock is still a bit off due to jet lag.


Welcome to the site.

Well, i believe that is the combination of jet lag and continuous consumption of strong coffee which lead to precipitation of anxiety and other symptoms since caffeine has a tendency to bring out these anxiety symptoms plus in your case you already have been in the window period of adjusting and acclimatizing self after a long vacation and journey. So you need to stop coffee intake for the next 5-7 days so that your circadian rhythum that is your regular and usual cycle of body system returns and once that happens these symptoms will go away on their own. Sudden occurrence of periods a day before should not be considered abnormal as few days fluctuation in periods is expected generally, so no issues there.

So the take home message is to allow your body to adjust to the daily routine and cut off caffeine from your system in the form of coffee or any other caffeinated drinks. If after 7 days of doing the above mentioned strategy your anxiety persists with the same intensity and frequency then you shall not hesitate to consult your primary doctor for proper physical evaluation, but hopefully this point may never arise and you recover in a timely manner without the need of medical intervention.

I hope this helps.

Wish you speedy recovery.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Many thanks for your advice. The point of mentioning my sudden onset of menstruation was that perhaps the sudden drop in hormones might also have contributed to my symptoms. (I have always been somewhat prone to blood sugar swings with occasional anxiety just before and at the start of my period. But this time, my symptoms have been extreme.) What do you think?

Well, while hormonal fluctuation can bring about the above said symptoms and i agree with you that before and at the start of period sch symptoms may be developed ( i.e is pre-menstrual syndrome ) but there is no such thing as sudden drop in hormones. However, since you are prone to such symptoms before and at the start of menstruation therefore with the sudden onset of menstruation you got to see sudden development of these symptoms but do not relate sudden drop in hormone levels with it.
In simple words there is quite a possibility that these symptoms are a part of Pre-menstrual syndrome. But as you know that these symptoms are self limiting and reversible so in few days you may see end of this phase without any medical intervention.
I hope this helps.
Wish you all the best.
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