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Hi, I had surgery to remove a metal plate on my collarbone

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Hi, I had surgery to remove a metal plate on my collarbone 3 weeks ago. It was under gen anaesthetic and I received iv fluids. I haven't been sore at all however I am 7 kilos heavier now than before surgery. I feel heavy, fat and sluggish. Is it possible to have gained weight this auickly even though I have eaten the same as usual and I have been active too? I feel like a sausage. Immediately After surgery I was really really full of water and some has gone away but not all. Any explanation would be appreciated please
Hi--first off your age and gender please? And any other medical conditions?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I'm 27, female, fit, healthy. Height is 5ft 5 and my weight is usually 54 or 55 kilos.
OK. The IV fluids you got before wouldn't still be present this far out from surgery. This could be water weight gain from something like a kidney or liver problem but I would assume those areas were checked before your surgery. The two other possibilities would be a low functioning thyroid or abnormally high cortisol levels so both those areas now need to be checked by your doctor. Diabetes would also be in the mix but I'm sure that your glucose levels were checked for the surgery too
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
so to clarify, you think that there is no possibility of retaining water from surgery? But if I didn't have this problem before the surgery, why would it suddenly have started? And you think I may have a thyroid problem or high levels of cortisol?
No--that IV fluid would be long gone by now and nothing about the surgery or the anesthesia would have caused water retention. As I said, your liver, kidneys, and glucose were likely checked before the surgery so it would be very unlikely that those functions had changed so suddenly. Whatever is the cause--and you need some blood work to check it all out--it wasn't related to the surgery itself or to the IV fluids you got
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
ok thank you for your help
My pleasure but please keep in touch about how it goes and please remember to rate my service to you