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Can alcohol stop chemotherapy Working ?

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Can alcohol stop chemotherapy
Working ?
Dear customer,

This depends on the medications, since alcohol can interfere with the way some chemotherapy drugs work, thereby decreasing the effectiveness of the chemotherapy. Some other drugs can cause adverse reactions when taken along with alcohol. Alcohol can also increase the dehydration caused by the chemotherapy drugs thereby increasing the adverse effects of medications such as increased nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Hence before consuming alcohol it is better to check with your doctor first.

Take care.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

U see my father started irinotecan / he's had 3 cycles. The first cycle was folfiri. I wanted to know how effective this is alone ? The stoppef the combination drugs as was getting chest pain

he has a liver metastases -16 mm and a 10 mm aortocaval node . But cea has not gone down. Infact it's gone up from 8 In October to 9 in dec

Dear customer,

Thanks for your reply and another question.

Basically CEA levels alone are insufficient for monitoring the response to treatment, and other parameters such as decrease in size of metatasis are also important. Hence don't concentrate on CEA alone. Disease progression and inadequate response to chemotherapy must be confirmed with radiographic testing (eg, CT scan) or a biopsy before changing treatment.

Take care.
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