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My grandson, born 10 November 2014, has a noticeably elongated

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My grandson, born 10 November 2014, has a noticeably elongated head, from the back of the forehead the skull slopes upwards and backwards a long way, before curving back round in a semicircle to the back of his neck. He has a normal face and forehead but from there it looks as if he has an additional shape, rather like a Jewish cap. I would like to talk to my son and his wife about this but don't want to worry them without a reason. Should I be cancerned
Hi. Can I first ask how he is doing developmentally--growth rate, toddling, speaking?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
He is only 6 weeks old
Sorry--I misread the birth date. There really is nothing to worry about then. The skull shape you describe is not uncommon at this age and in time the shape will become more in line with what you believe to be a normal configuration and the sutures in the skull realign and fuse. I don't think it's inappropriate to ask the parents about this since I'm sure he's been seen by a pediatrician and everything else has checked out fine
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