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hi i had Food poisoning over the past days which caused

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i had Food poisoning over the past days which caused me to be sick about 8 times and the following day
i had "The Runs" whilst being constipated, it just seemed to run down my leg! i woke up feeling better some
days ago but i had a large array of muscus in my throat as it made me EVE, it didn't seem like it went away
but toned down. Yesterday, i had some Cherry Coke thinking everything cleared up, and it would detect the
virus, (not cause it) and wash it away outta my system, for the simple reason it's Sharp, (bit more than apple juice)
i was right, because soon as i drank it, it made my mouth feel like i had a dental abscess as it was so
inflammed, and i felt the bug move to my head, then back to my throat, then both.. i felt me have that
muscus thing come back too, today i don't feel the other problems, only the Mucus at the Minute.
it has made me EVE about 10 times today, and it doesn't feel like it's helping at all! eating ginger
just made me EVE some more, and it doesn't seem to be braking up the muscus. i don't know if it's the fear
that makes it worse, cause tbh i am someone who is SCARED to be sick, and even eve, (especially so many times)
and it can make ones tummy upset even more! however i don't feel so much scared to eve anymore since
me throwing up as stopped but it's not stopping! i don't know if i such state this but before i had this
problem, i have had this eveing thing as seperate , usually if i am nervous (it could just be reflexes
in my throat thru nerves but idk) the thing is, i have not been nervous recently, not in the same way
so do you think it's all connected? do you think the eveing is connected with the bug/virus?
i have to say i have had bad earwax too latley, and again ears nose and throat are all connected
so think it's all the same problem?
Hi. Are you still having the diarrhea? Any fever with this? Is the mucus clear?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The Muscus is the only thing that seems to be still effecting me, i didn't really have a fever!

And is the mucus clear?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no it's not

OK We can continue after this if you'd like but this doesn't sound too serious It sounds as though you have a sinus infection with post nasal drainage and that's causing the heaving and the throat irritation For now you can try something like Mucinex and either a Neti pot or a saline irrigation system but you need to see your doctor to get a prescription for antibiotics
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

do you think erythromycin is ok cause i only usually take that in antibiotics? still not complete certain with what you mean, when you say is the muscus clear?

P.S i am in the UK, AND WE get Free Healthcare, i was wondering if you could refund the money back, however you are an american service, i'd imagine that's what you go on huh?

Please let me know.


Well if mucus isn't clear--either whitish or green or yellow--that means infection.
Erythromycin would be fine.
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