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What is regarded as widespread metastases ?

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What is regarded as widespread metastases ?
Dr. Charogat :

Hi, and thank you for coming here with your question.

Dr. Charogat :

Widespread metastases usually means that the cancer has spread to many different parts of the body. This usually includes liver, brain, bone, or distant lymph nodes. It can also be other places. Does this help? Do you have further questions?

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi my dad has surgery in march for colon cancer he was a dukes c. But recent pet scan showed a 16 mm liver met and 1 aortocaval node . So I was wondering . They have started irinotecan.

is this widesprwad ?can the 2 mets be killed ?

Because he has multiple mets in very different areas (and in areas that are usually not very operable) it is likely that he has mets that are too small to see in other areas as well. When there are mets in multiple places they can't be operated upon and/or go through radiation and the hope is that the chemotherapeutic agents will kill everything. The fact that he has the mets in these two areas means that his cancer is advanced, but I think usually when we say "widespread" we mean multiple (more than 2 even) mets in different places.

Hopefully the chemotherapy will work and he will continue to have a full happy life.

G-d Bless
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What I get confusse over is yjat there is 1 liver met on the edge of liver they say ( which can be operated they say) but due to the node the are doing chemo . Would it not make sense to hae removed these then do

chemo.? ppl with 5,6 mets even have them


what would prognosis be like for such a situation ?


As you clarified now that it was at the edge of the liver you are right. The one that is atrocaval is the one that wouldn't be easy to get to - and depending on exactly where might be impossible.

With chemotherapy they may be able to shrink both tumors, If the atricaval node doesn't respond then there really is no point in doing the liver surgery. Liver surgery is always a big deal. There are a lot of blood vessles in the liver and most offen the tumor has blood vessels crossing into it.

Does this help?
Do you have anything further?

G-d Bless
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I see. What if the node does not respon to chemo ? The node is 10 mm. Is that large ?

That is larger than it should be.

If it doesn't respond to this chemo there is a possibility that the doctors will try different chemotherapeutic drugs. Other than that my guess is that they will not operate.

I have to leave my computer now, but I'll be back to check if you had anything further hopefully in the morning.

G-d Bless
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