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Dear doctor my 9 year old daughter has had severe urinary

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Dear doctor my 9 year old daughter has had severe urinary tract infections twice in the last month where she had blood at he end of her wee and was very painful. so she was given 'Keflex' antibiotics both times and she recovered. It has been 3 weeks since her last antibiotics . I have since increased her water drinking levels hence she visits toilet at least 8 times a day but often gets goose bumps or shakes feeling during passing or towards end of her urine now. Today she's been toilet to empty bladder but 10 mins later had urge to go again and did some urine but then she's had leak in her pants of urine straight after coming out of toilet . No burning or pain during her urine just going very often ( because she's drinking quite a bit more) and today I noticed a fishy smell inthe urine - could the odour come from having fish for dinner? We are worried infection maybe coming back so soon. Please help. She's otherwise healthy and eating well. Just very fixation on her urine habits and we are waiting for an abdominal scan next week. Both urine cultures showed urine infection of E. coli and the last urine culture after course of antibiotics was clear of infection. I am a health anxiety patient and am worried about sinister issues - could there be something serious .? Would it had been shown in a culture test ..
Hello from JustAnswer.

I am sorry that you daughter is having such problems.

In this situation, there is a significant concern that these symptoms are from infection. The odour is actually not as worrisome as is the urgency 10 minutes after emptying the bladder and the leaking. It is possible for foods to cause a change in odour of the urine, but the fact that there also are these other symptoms would raise the likelihood that the infection is recurrent.

The most common reason for a child to have recurrent urinary tract infections is from reflux of urine from the bladder into the ureters, the tubes that drain the kidneys into the bladder, although there are some other anatomic conditions that can predispose a child to urinary tract infections. Her doctor is correct to pursue further evaluation, starting with the scan next week. However, if the infection has recurred again, it may be necessary to remain on antibiotics until the anatomic evaluation is completed.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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