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all, Roughly a month ago I quitted smoking after 5 years

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Hi all,
Roughly a month ago I quitted smoking after 5 years (12/15 a day). Is been roughly one month that I have lumps in my neck and hoarse voice. Recently I also experiencing slow focus vision. I went to the doctor and he told me to wait other 3 weeks to see if everything goes away. I am getting scared now :(
Hi. Can you tell me more about the lumps in your neck and how long they've been there? Can you tell me what you mean by slow focus vision? And how old are you and do you have any medical conditions?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


I am male and 32 years old.

My lumps in my neck are below my chin on both sides (I believe there are some glands there) Those have been there for the last week.

But it's been roughly a month that my voice became hoarse really quickly and I can't hit high notes. Couple of days ago I started experiencing some kind of slowness on focusing on things meaning the eye takes slightly more to focus on things (at least it seems to me) Is like when you have fever and the light annoys you. The thing is that I am having all these symptoms alltogether and now I am strating to worry. I have no medical conditions (that I know). I have no pain at all.

OK. Any sore throat or sinus congestion? What did your doctor have to say about all this?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No I have no pain and I don't feel any particualar sinus congestion. I'd say I have no sore throat at all. Sometimes I blow my nose but I think that's just the winter. My doctor said to wait other 3 weeks. I am scared that it could me some sort of cancer and my doctor told me it can be but is very unlikely. I was never a super heavy smoker and I don't drink at all.

OK--but did your doctor feel these lumps under your chin? If so what did he have to say about them
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
He said he wasn't able to feel them much at that time.(last week) This is because they come and go. In the last couple of days though they became more frequent. Next appointment with him is set to the end of the month.
So basically
-hoarse voice (one month or a bit more)
-lump under the chin/neck on both sides
-slightly annoyed by the light (as when you have flu)
-felling like it takes slightly longer to focus with the eyes.
I may sound too worried but is just that everything started alltogether right after one month i quit smoking. That's why I starting to feel worried.
OK I understand. First off, nodes that are involved in cancer don't come and go--don't get larger and then smaller. These aren't likely nodes but just benign small cysts and nothing to worry about. The hoarse voice that's lasted that long does need evaluation by an ear, nose, and throat specialist though. It may just be a problem with gastric acid reflux but it could be a polyp on your vocal cords--not very likely cancer--but you need a scoping to look at your cords. As for your eyes I don't think that's related to the lumps or the hoarseness--it may be that you need glasses so you need to see an optometrist for an eye exam
Dr. Chip and 3 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you