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I have been with tough flu symptoms weeks, it dissipated

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I have been with tough flu symptoms for two weeks, it dissipated and now returns with nausea and vomiting how long do I sit it out without help ? Is there any help apart from over the counter treatment ?
Hi. Besides the nausea and vomiting any other symptoms? Are you able to hold down liquids?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I have not got dehydrated, it's more the contant cough, I've tried the cough syrup but by nature its sickly and seems to add to the want to vomit. My food consumption is down to less than 50% but I will up my fluid intake. When reaching im only bring up spit and not food that's why I don't think it's any more than flu
I have have had flu many times but never felt quite this poorly with it before I'm an extremely fit fifty nine and don't give in at all easy. I have had to take the first three days off in my working life for it ?
OK--with the cough--any phlegm production and, if so, is that clear or colored?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Phlem clear
Dhorea is also a symptom but follows how I feel if on well day the it abates
OK We can continue after this but I think the waiting to see if you get over this is over with now and you need to see a doctor. This doesn't sound like just a hyperextended bout of the flu. It sounds like you have a combination of bronchitis and you may also have an H pylori stomach infection. You need to be examined and get some blood work and a screen for the H pylori and it sounds like you need antibiotics
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