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, 5 yes 9 months ago we conceived our daughter. It was planned and a lot of hard work w

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Hi, 5 yes 9 months ago we conceived our daughter. It was planned and a lot of hard work went into getting my wife pregnant although it only took a couple of months. Anyway I split my foreskin and basically it is now non retractable. It was splitting and healing over and over. It is worth noting prior to the vigorous baby making I had a fully retractable good foreskin. I bought a foreskin stretchy-ma-jiggy which inserts a balloon under the foreskin then u inflate it. I don't think I have persisted long enough with it but am I wasting my time. I mean I really like my foreskin (obviously not like this) so would like to try to sort it out with out getting circumcised although to be honest it was really bad over Christmas so I even investigated circumcision again. I need to clean it using cotton buds but it seems to create a little sore under my foreskin and then when I go to the toilet the sensation can be excruciating. I do notice that The stretchy-ma-jiggy does seem to form enough o
Hi. I assume you haven't had a doctor take a look at this? Is there any redness in the foreskin or on the head of your penis?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No I haven't. I think its phimosis. There isn't any redness but the foreskin does seem to form a band around preventing the foreskin being retracted.

OK David. We can continue after this but if you haven't tried clortrimasole cream you should--three times a day for a week. This sounds like a yeast infection and if it can be controlled the foreskin problem should resolve. If it doesn't help you need to see a doctor for prescription ketoconazole cream or oral Diflucan. And if push comes to shove this wouldn't require circumcision--just cutting the frenulum of your foreskin
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I'm not quite sure this is representative of myself. I've Google pictures and I don't think that this is what mine looks like. I will give the cream a go and might come back in due course for further assistance. Unless you think there could be another issue.

Well the problem might just be a tight foreskin David and if so again a frenulectomy is all that may be needed and not a circumcision. At least give the cream a try and have a doctor look at this. Let me know how it goes for you and please remember to rate my service to you
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