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This might be obvious but this is a rather sensitive matter

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This might be obvious but this is a rather sensitive matter and I would like to know that it is treated with discretion.
its an operation that was carried out about two years ago and right from the outset I was convinced something was wrong. I had a vasectomy that has left me having difficulty enjoying intimacy with my wife. Is there someone who can advise what steps I can take?
Hi. I understand but can you tell me more about the intimacy problem? And what did your doctor have to say about it?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am confused about the popup `get extra help` and the amount being £35.76. I was informed my questions were a part of my 7 day trial before the monthly subscription was initiated! Is this the case or have I completely misunderstood ?

That was just an offer that you don't have to accept Courtney so you can ignore it. But can you tell me more about the problem?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I find this embarrassing but basically after a period of time stipulate by the surgeon I made love to my wife but it was very painful and my foreskin was split and bleeding. Because this had never happened before It was scary. A weeks or so after it healed up it happened again. Again it heal then try again. Eventually I stopped making love because it was too painful. I also began to notice that my penis would lean over to the right. This was not usual and I also realised that when I had an erection it pointed to the right. It sounds foolish but I have been too concious and embarrassed to complain before now.

OK--is there an actual bend in the shaft of your oenis or are you saying it points right from the base? How is your foreskin now--healthy appearing and fully retractable?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It points to the right which was not the case prior to this. When its erected it can bend almost at right angles to the right where the Op was carried out but not to the left . I am going to backtrack a little .During the Op when the Doctor was communicating with me regarding what the process involved as he was carrying it out. The first tube was so quick and easy I was very pleased however I did question how the second tube took longer to deal with ie sear and further more there was far smoke in comparison to the left . This is factual not made up to suit the circumstances.

I still have problems with my foreskin which has never been the same and continues to split although I am very weary of how vulnerable it is. .

OK Courtney we can continue after this but it sounds as though you need to see the urologist again and you may need to be circumcised to take care of the foreskin problem. As for the bending of your penis, that could be Peyronie's disease which is caused by a plaque in the shaft of your penis and that can be treated with medication injections. Sorry you're having all these problems but none of this is going to get better on its own and there's nothing you yourself can do for it
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dr Chip I have not heard of Peyronie`s disease although I have since researched it nor did I have any problems with my penis until I had the operation. I did asked in the last session where I stood legally with the problems of this depressing situation but for some reason there was not a reply. Is it possible to have a reply to this inquiry?

Courtney you weren't very clear in the beginning about the legal aspect of this. I would say that a simple vasectomy shouldn't cause a problem with the foreskin or the shaft of the penis. That's not to say that something didn't go wrong with the surgery itself but for now all I can say is you first would need to see a different urologist for a full evaluation of your problems and then, depending on his thoughts you could consult an attorney. Another option right now would be to post your question in the UK law section of JustAnswer
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you, ***** ***** planning to do just that!



Take care