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i was sectioned years until recently. my main label was

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i was sectioned for 6 years until recently. my main label was Borderline Personality Disorder (severe). ive read what i can find even things that werent nice to hear but i knew i did them. i relate to lots of things ive read about bpd the good and bad sides. but to me my life is "normal" and i dont believe that everyone else isnt like me, i think we are all like it. my problem is that im so confused is BPD real and do I really have it or am i just over dramatizing my feelings and stuff
Hello from JustAnswer.

It would be impossible to say over the internet whether someone has borderline personality disorder. This is a diagnosis that usually requires multiple visits with a mental health professional to make the diagnosis.

However, over the internet, I can say that borderline personality disorder is real, and it can be devastating for the patients that suffer from the condition and their family and friends. In addition to my medical training and experience, I also have personal experience with this, as there is a member of my family that has suffered from borderline personality disorder.

For your specific situation, the most that can be done over the internet would be a review of any symptoms and behaviours that have been present and a comment upon whether they are consistent with borderline personality disorder. If that would be helpful, it would be more complete if you could include any observations by close family or friends.

Would that be helpful?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

erm yes id like to try.... i just want someones honest opinion about the truth.

I would be glad to do so. Could you list what symptoms and behaviours are present?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

er ok

cryn outbursts that i find hard to control in family situation. my anxiety keeps going up and down, i get paranoid from time time that im being watched, my anger at the moment im finding hard to control, ive had to go back(reluctantly) to the head docs to get medication to help me as i was gettin to the point where i was punchin doors head butting the fridge and i kicked a hole in a door. erm ive slept with 3 men in 4 weeks unprotected. i smoke weed everyday, i have a poor sleeping pattern i will go 2-3 days without sleep, i cant eat much, ive lost 3 stone since june(when i got out of hospital) i avoid making plans, im too anxious sometimes to leave my flat........ i know that this has been set off my the suicide of a close friend at the end of ha cant think of anything else except im really trying to change my behaviour towards other by not reacting on my first or 2nd etc thoughts i wait till ive calmed down before reacting to someone. these outburst are mainly in my flat where im alone...i am tryin please understand that

Have you ever had any issues about any perception that a close family or fiend may be abandoning you?
Have you or any close family member or friend commented on times that you change rapidly from a very positive perception and behaviours to a very negative perception and behaviours? Is this what you mean by trying to not react on your first or second thoughts?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes i fear being abandoned by my close family. i pushed them to the limit eg i smashed their house once and another set the bedroom on fire while i was in there(it was only little i put it out after phoning 999, but there was a 2nd fire i set at my flat which i went to jail then hospital for). rejection i see from everyone ie my mum and sis have made holiday plans and they didnt ask me: when i got home and allowed myself to react it took me an hour to calm myself down:- and my first reaction to something like this is "im gonna make u pay" so i know now i cant react on my first thought i have to start rationalising with myself and it can take a while to get to what i would say is a reasonable response.....also i see things as good or bad. to me these two things cannot be in the same person, i do "good" things but really i know im a horrible person

First, the behaviours are consistent with the diagnosis of BPD. These relationship issues are common in someone with BPD. It can be exacerbated by other mental health disorders, as persons with BPD frequently will have co-morbid mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and psychotic disorders.

Second, it is absolutely untrue that the presence of these behaviours indicates that you are a horrible person. It is true that some of the behaviours of someone with BPD are undesirable and place the patient and close relationships under significant stress, but that only indicates that the condition warrants treatment, not that the person is horrible.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

sorry i need to keep askin....i often im not sure why but i go into what i call my fantasy zone(nothin bout sex) there will be a scenario in my head that i will change a detail then play the scene out in my head, this happens mostly at night i can be in this zone for hours changing and playing through, sometimes at its worst it will creep into my daily life like in the middle of a conversation ill go to my zone unawares then im startin to play the scene and then i'll come back to the moment in the middle of a conversation im not fully doesnt happen that often that intensely but ive never spoke about this and im not sure if this is just me daydreaming or something not quite right. sorry to be a pain.

If this is more intense, causing a sensation of loss of contact with the body or with reality, that is one of the symptoms and diagnostic criteria that can occur with BPD. However, simple daydreaming is not a diagnostic sign of BPD, but can be a symptom of anxiety associated with BPD.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you

just wanting to say thank you is all not sure how to pay

You are very welcome.

If I have answered your questions, then remember to provide a positive rating and that will complete the process allowing for my payment.
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