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there, I notice a slight couch back on 18 December 2014,

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Hi there,
I notice a slight couch back on 18 December 2014, and it went away afew days later.
However, it came back towards the end of December and still remains, see below for details of the couch:
It's mostly voluntary coughing as I have flem stuck to the base on my throat on the left side.
I don't actually produce any flem when I cough up
I went to the doctors last Thursday and my lungs were chekced, and the doctors said they sounded clear. I was prescribed amoxicillin and a nasal spray, but the stick flem is still there.
When I do cough involuntary it feels like a tickly cough on the left side.
I had an x-ray in November last year for another issue but that came back clear also.
I'm just a bit concerned as previous conditions to this never lasted as long.
I am an ex-smoker and do indulged when a drink. However, I have not smoked since new years eve.
Hi. Just to be clear here--you never cough up any phlegm? Are you coughing throughout the day?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Virtually never.

it's just throughout the day, never at night.

OK Jon. If you don't cough up any phlegm can you tell me more about what you think is phlegm at the back of your throat?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I know it is as it feels the same as when there was phlegm, and when it does come up final come up it looks like phlegm.

And is that phlegm clear or colored?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

sometimes clear sometimes yellow

OK Jon. Two thoughts here. This could be a sinus infection with post-nasal drip and amoxicillin really isn't very effective for that--a more effective antibiotic would be either Septra or Levaquin. If the phlegm were always clear then I might consider gastric reflux or an allergy problem and try you on Prilosec and Claritin. But for now I think you need to revisit your doctor and ask about the sinus possibility and whether he'd consider a different antibiotic
Dr. Chip and other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I will make an appointment for tomorrow, and will ask the doctors about this.

Thanks very much for your help, I'll write back and let you know.

My pleasure and do let me know how it goes. Please remember to rate my service to you Jon