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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Board Certified Physician
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I injured my right wrist a year and a half ago. I went

Customer Question

I injured my right wrist a year and a half ago. I went to the hospital. I was told it might be a fractured wrist but nobody could xray my wrist till the day after as everyone had gone home. I was put in half plaster. I went back the day after xrays again was told it might be a fractured wrist but had to wait to see the doctors in fracture clinic the week after. I went to fracture clinic the doctor said it sounds like tendon injury. He didnt have a look at my xrays nor did he do more xrays even know l was in a lot of pain. L still had pain but carried on thinking it was my tendon and there was nothing to worry about. It would get better. The other day l slipped on concreate stairs. l put my right wrist out to protect myself and the pain was as bad as when l first injured it a year and a half ago. I went to the hospital. They did xrays l have a scalphoid fracture in my wrist and another fracture. I am now in full plaster and have to go back next week. Could this be a old injury made worse by falling. The pain has always been there but worse now. Many Thanks zoe
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Chip replied 3 years ago.
Zoe. Do you know if a radiologist read your x-rays from a year and a half ago and if so do you know what he said?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Yes a radiologist did look at my xrays in when l first had them done and said there looks like something is wrong with my right wrist then said it looks normal but there is a lot of swelling. I had to keep my half plaster on till l went to fracture clinic. Thats when he said lve got tendon damage to my right thumb and above wrist. He said lm to keep moving it and it will be fine. Ive always had pain in that wrist and thumb. The doctor didnt look at my xrays in fracture clinic before he said lve got torn tendon. The doctor was realy busy at the time. zoe

Expert:  Dr. Chip replied 3 years ago.
OK Zoe--and we can continue after this if you'd like but if you had had a scaphoid fracture back then it would have easily been diagnosed so no, the scaphoid and the other wrist fracture you have now are not a worsening of your previous injury but you probably do have an old tendon injury that was made worse with the new trauma. What you really now is an MRI of the wrist to look at the tendons since x-rays don't show them