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Hiya I recently had my gall bladder removed about a week ago

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Hiya I recently had my gall bladder removed about a week ago and have recovered fine, yesterday I started to find it uncomfortable to eat and swallow without a sharp pain few seconds further down than my throat but not my stomach, I can also feel a lot of acid there at times but is making it hard to eat and drink, also when I breathe in deeply I can feel a sharp pain in my back and where the pain is when eating? I have gastro resistant tablets but am worried it's something more?
--before you had your gall bladder removed did you ever have symptoms like this?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Not to this extreme, before they found out I had an inflamed gall bladder with multiple stones I was diagnosed with acid reflux so was taking the gastro resistant tablets but I only had a feeling of acid once, my right side was very tender and inflamed before them knowing. Never had problems eating etc before
OK Jennifer. First off there's nothing wrong with the surgery itself--that went fine. Without your gall bladder, bile can sometimes reflux into your stomach time and that can worsen symptoms of gastric reflux. That shouldn't last long once your digestive system rearranges itself. I would say that with back pain it's possible you have a duodenal ulcer though. stick to a bland diet--nothing fatty or fried and no dairy products and continue the omeprasole and the Gaviscon. Let your doctor know what's going on but I think this will resolve itself soon
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok thank you so much time I will let the doctor know and try stick to the non fat thank you
My pleasure but let me know how it goes
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi everything seems ok with the swallowing now was upped to two tablets of omeprazole a day :) I have a new question if that's ok, I've been getting a lot more discharge than usual lately, this started about just over a month ago before I went into hospital and had my gall bladder removed 2 weeks ago. I have tried thrush tablets and a pessary from the doctors but this hasn't helped me. I don't feel itchy or a burning sensation it just feels uncomfortable, I feel like I wet myself a little when the discharge comes out. Im worried it could be something more serious. It dosnt have an odour and isn't yellowy. I've been on iv antibiotics and oral antibiotics in hospital for the gall bladder infection which I know can cause thrush but I've been on the thrush tablets for nearly 2 weeks now and done a pessary 5 days ago. I'm worried it could be cervical cancer. My bowel movements have increased, I used to go twice/three times a week and at the moment I'm going twice a day and I dont know whether that's becaise of the gall bladder being removed or to do with this. Also yesterday and today on the left lower side I've felt a feeling, not painful or sharp just noticeable that something's there, even the feeling to go urinate feels different? I have lost a lot of weight in hospital due to low day diet but I am worried