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Dr Uzair
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my baby is 5mths old born at 38 +5 weeks. Assusted delivery

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Hi my baby is 5mths old born at 38 +5 weeks. Assusted delivery with forceps. Baby is breastfed not weaned yet. Dob 18.08.14. Im concerned as for the past 2 days Ive observed a facial twitch. Its happened once a day in early evening during feeding only lasts a second or 2 at most. Baby seems fine after. I suffer from well controlled epilepsy which started at 13 so am concerned. Please advise.
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Q. Has the baby shown the twitch on only one side of the face?
Q. Does he blink the eye, move his cheek muscles or flare his nostrils during the twitch?
Q. Any unconsciousness or choking on feed during the twitch?
Q. Urination during the twitch?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi no urination that i know of, no unconsciouness or choking. The twitch is so quick that i havent been able to observe properly but do not remember obvious blinking.

Thanks for the details.
I understand your concern about this since you have epilepsy, but this does not seem like an epileptic fit. At this age, the nervous system of the infant is immature and everyday new neuronal patterns are developing. Facial tics are commonly observed in this age group and in boys more than girls. Tics can be observed as much as 5 to 6 times a day in children who have facial tic disorder.
In your son, this has only happened once or twice a day and it is more likely that his nervous system is learning to move some of his facial muscles - which are called muscles of mimetic activity and since, only particular a group of muscles is being stimulated, it seems out of proportion to the other muscles and does not exhibit movements in unison to the other groups.
Even in babies with established facial tic disorder, the ideal course is to wait since most babies out grow this in a few months. So, I would advise that you do not get concerned about this and on your next visit to your paediatrician, discuss this for reassurance and peace of mind.
Hope this helps.
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