Upto 1year The first thing I noticed was making silly mistakes, spelling and grammar, things I have always known, I was looking at a word I was so sure was correct, and it would be later when I happened to notice it was spelt wrong or the wrong word all together.

This carried on few months, not getting worse or better, and I also noticed at this point my hair is falling out. Then 3mths ago I started feeling like my head is full of cotton wool, I found it hard to concentrate and listen to people, sometimes I can't remember simple instructions even though I try hard to remember and repeat things to myself, the cotton wool feeling is still there today. Sometimes I remember things other times its just blank, its worse when I'm tired.

I went to the doctor when I started making more mistakes at home like cooking and cleaning and my hair loss is very noticable, she saw me 8 months previously and my hair is at least 50% less. The doctor has done a number of blood tests and they all came back normal including thyroid, adrenal gland and hormones (menopause).

The doctor seems concerned with a neurologist a week after that. I still feel 'foggy, tired, no concentration' but otherwise I am very stress I'm leaving very stressful life don't know what wrong with me please help doctor I'm on metazopin from my stress