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My partner has degenerative discs in his lumbar spine and possible

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My partner has degenerative discs in his lumbar spine and possible spinal stenosis. He was admitted as an emergency to Kings College Hospital in December with suspected cauda equina. he has a pacemaker so can not have an MRI but instead he had a CT Myelogram which ruled out cauda equina at that time. He was discharged with an outpatient's appointment and nerve conduction tests weakness in his legs. The nerve conduction was done on Monday this week and the Dr said that this was OK. His neurology appt is not until the end of March. He is still having back pain, leg weakness and intermittent bowel and bladder problems. we have the opportunity to make a single private consultation but are not sure if it should be with a neurologist or a back specalist???
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In this situation, it would be appropriate to see a Back Specialist. Since the CT myelogram and nerve conduction study do not show any neurologic complications, the symptoms are most likely due to the degenerative disc disease, itself. Consequently, it would be appropriate to be seen by a Back Specialist.

A Neurosurgeon would be another option, and there are some Back Specialists that were initially Neurosurgeons that obtained additional training in back surgery, and if you can find such a Back Specialist near you, that may be the best option.

If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is there likely to be any other tests the nhs neurologist would do before he refers him to someone else?

Whether other tests would be indicated would depend upon the findings on exam. But if there are no abnormal findings on neurologic exam, then the usual next consideration would be addressing the back symptoms. However, if there were other findings on neurologic exam, then the other tests would usually have been scheduled at the same time that the nerve conduction studies were scheduled. Obviously, I cannot do a neurologic exam over the internet, but since he was not scheduled tests, it would typically indicate that other findings were not present that would warrant further tests.
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