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In a ct report in a person with metastic colon cancer ,why

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In a ct report in a person with metastic colon cancer ,why would the rafiologist state the nodules seen but not put sizes?
The radiologist may not have measured if there are numerous nodules, and the diagnosis is obvious.
Another reasonable answer is that radiologists are certainly human.. and sometimes they may may not put all the information a physician may want. There is always the opportunity to then ask him again later to amend the report, and oncologists or other physicians frequently review scans with radiologists kind of information.
The only specific value I could think to know accurate nodule size with known metastatic cancer, is to compare before and after chemotherapy to assess response. But again, just because this is not in a report you have access to, does not mean this information cannot be obtained on further review, if necessary.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So if its a met they have probably not bothered putting measurement right ? Right are not numerous , there was one new one only

If only one, most reports would measure it.
He may have measured it and just forgot to dictate the size when dictating a report- as I wrote above this information is easily accessible to a doctor who is interested- it is juts a matter of talking to the radiologist, if this is important.
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