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Dr. SH
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If there is a subpleural nodule and liver met can both ablated

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If there is a subpleural nodule and liver met can both b ablated ?
Dr. Shahzad MD :

there. Thank you question. I will be helping you out with your queries

Dr. Shahzad MD :

You have nodules in the adrenal gland, subpleural and in the liver.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

First of all, it is not possible to ablate all these.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

Even if that is done, it will not serve the purpose because even then the root cause is still there i.e. the micromets.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

The micromets have become resistant to chemotherapy.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

So chemotherapy is also not an option in your case.

Dr. Shahzad MD :

It is a very difficult situation unfortunately.

I have answered your question above.
Let me know if you have any further questions.
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are done asking.
Kindest regards

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

would that mean they are resistant to all cheMo?

Yes but if your surgeon things that a nanoknife may help then you should go .
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Said will get rid the 3 mets . But yes ur right won't stop micro mets .

U tjink it's pointless ?

Well, at the very least, if the procedure is successful you will get more time to live. I mean it can prolong life.
I would appreciate it if you rate me services.
Thank you.
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