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Just heard of a condition called "webbed penis". It appears

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Just heard of a condition called "webbed penis". It appears that I have it quite seriously. I had a circumcision at 12 years old and have suffered, apparently, from "buried penis" ever since. The scrotum is attached entire length of the shaft (I thought this was normal... Or, I chose not to think about it...). This would explain, also, why it is near impossible to keep a condom on. I had just accepted it as rotten luck. Can I get the procedure on the NHS? Could it be possible that I have insufficient skin generally that can be replaced? I come from a family of relatively large penises and have always found it odd that I should be the odd one out. My circumcision was the solution to a tight foreskin. I believe it may have been botched. I am 26 and have, reasons, been too embarrassed to seek a medical solution, believing that such a solution did not exist.
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Do you recall whether there was any webbing present before the circumcision?
Or did this develop solely as a complication from the circumcision?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I wouldn't know.

Webbing of the penis can occur as a congenital abnormality or as a complication from circumcision. If there was no webbing that was present before the surgery, then it would be due to the circumcision, and that would typically be because an excessive amount of skin was removed during the circumcision.

Surgical repair of a webbed penis will typically be covered by the NHS or insurance if there is any dysfunction associated with the webbed penis. Coverage would typically not be available if it is solely a cosmetic issue. However, with the description that you provided, it sounds to be of such severity that it is causing dysfunction.

Yes, there is typically plenty of skin to allow , as the skin of the scrotum is loose to allow . It also is usually easier to repair webbing that occurs as a complication of a circumcision.

The first step would be to be examined by a Urologist, the type of surgeon that would perform the surgical repair.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is there a chance that excess skin removal can affect the size?

Excessive skin removal from a circumcision can cause constriction of the penis so that it appears to be smaller, although the tissue of the penis, itself, is not directly affected.
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