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I am taking 40mg Longtec twice daily (12 hr) and 2-4 Shortec

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I am taking 40mg Longtec twice daily (12 hr) and 2-4 Shortec 5mg daily plus 3 Amitriptyline 25mg at 8pm. I am a large 65 year old male approx 25 stone and type 2 diabetic. The pain in my knee joints (osteo arthritis) is still extremely severe and is preventing me getting any meaningful sleep. Is there anything I can take such as Paracetamol to help manage this pain. My wife has AML and needs looking after which has meant I have had to be more active than normal to help her.
. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.
Thanks question
I think paracetamol would be just fine.
You could also ask your doctor about ibuprofen. But I wouldn't take that unless your doctor approves it
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Am I right in thinking that Paracetamol takes a while to provide a general pain relief as it actually increases my pain threshold. So to benefit from adding Paracetamol to my pain management I would need to take say 2x500mg 4 times/day and keep this going, or is there a point where I should go back to my Doctor and tell him the main care I am on is not doing the job.
I am keen to keep the opiate intake as low as I can.
I cannot take Ibuprofen or NSAID because of digestive problems.
you might be able to take ibuprofen if you take omeprazole with it
I would take paracetamol 500 mg four times a day. That is a good amount to start
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you advice so far. Just one last question.
I already take omeprazole every day - my fault, I should have told you this.
My daughter buys Tylanol PM in the states and can get these in the UK. Do you think these would help me sleep. I know they are supposed to be the same as Paracetamol but my daughter is a strong believer that Tylonol are better.
That's it - last question...
Thanks time
you're welcome David. no worries
Yes, that is a good medicine. I think it works well
you can take that instead but only take it at night. you can take regular paracetamol or tylenol during the day.
tylenol PM contains benadryl (a sleep aid)
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